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نمونه گیرهای صنعتی

Industrial samplers

Industrial automatic samplers have a significant economic justification for the purpose of quality control of manufactured products, in order to improve the quality of production and increase productivity. Due to the necessity of accurate and timely sampling in the industries, their use will be very economical ...

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ماشین های مخصوص

Special machines

Special machines are mainly used to optimize and enhance the level of automation and should be designed and adapted to the technology of the day. The word is dedicated to the knowledge of day and creativity for the design process, and these two are the criteria ...

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تحقیقات دانش بنیان

Knowledge Based Research

In order to monitor the knowledge of the day, Mehrtak Steel is required to conduct knowledge projects and apply its results to projects. Along with the achievements of research and development, it has produced various innovations that continue to ...

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Successful participation in the field of entrepreneurship along with innovation and tracking of scientific jumps to create knowledge-based and expert groups.
آغاز مسابقات پیشکسوتان شطرنج استان اصفهان

The beginning of chess championships in Isfahan province

The chess championship championship of the province with the participation of 17 chess players began at 17th day of May in the place of chess house in Isfahan province. The chess players competed in the Swiss way in the 7 rounds and ended up
ثبت نام در جشنواره بین‌المللی خوارزمی آغاز شد

Registration for the Khwarizmi International Festival began

Tuesday, May 3, 1398 The registration and presentation of the project began at the thirty-third Khwarizmi International Festival and will continue until the end of September this year. Public Relations: The 36th International Khwarizmi Festival to promote
دستگاه اکچواتور خطی هوشمند طراحی و ساخته شد!

Smart Linear Actuator was designed and built!

The company announced the design and manufacture of a smart linear actuator device by the company. According to the Public Relations Department of the Isfahan City of Science and Research, Farhad Zaman added: "Given that the actuators

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