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ناسا تصاویر برگزیده تلسکوپ فضایی هابل طی ۲۹ سال گذشته را منتشر کرد

NASA released Hubble Space Telescope images for the past 29 years

On the occasion of the age of 29, NASA released the Hubble Space Telescope, which selected the best images recorded by the telescope over the past 29 years. The world's largest telescope will continue to operate for another five years.

On April 24, 1990, NASA and the European Space Agency launched the Hubble Telescope as the largest and most widely used space telescope. Of course, after throwing and recording the images with the telescope, the scientists realized that the main mirror was not installed in its proper place and therefore could not record the images. Hence, in December 1993, an astronaut in five spatial walkways could fix the problem of the Hubble Telescope's mirror.

A NASA engineer in January 2019 announced that the Hubble telescope will continue to operate for another five years. But recently, NASA released its selected telescope on the occasion of its 29th birthday. The telescope has captured fantastic images from the immortal world, which you can see from a selection of these beautiful images:


Source: www.space.com

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