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Mehtak Steel Co. was established in 2008 in Isfahan. The company started its activities in the field of machine-building and equipment industry specialized projects and managed to use the knowledge of the day and specialized software along with the experience of the technical staff. The production of specialized equipment is needed by the industry. An example of these products and projects is presented in the products and services section.

Fields Of Activity Of The Company

1- Designing and consulting in the field of machine tools and production lines:

What is needed today most of all in the work space of the Iranian industry is the specialized design of machinery and equipment that is not yet widely produced in Iran and is required to comply with the standards of technology development day. For this purpose, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to feasibility studies of the projects and to take into account the native conditions and economic justification to do so.

A-feasibility and necessity of the project:

The feasibility and necessity to carry out the project is the first step in every project and today the common mistake that is taking place in the domestic industry, especially in public and private organizations, is that this feasibility study is not carried out by the specialist, and the first and fundamental decisions of the project The same feasibility study is done individually and non-expertly. That is, sometimes the protuberance that does not need to be made is a waterway to become a road.

After confirmation of the necessity of the project, the next question is whether it is possible to carry out the project or the construction of this equipment in principle.

What is recommended is that a research phase should be defined before any new project that has been initially developed for the first time, and then closer to the implementation stage after conducting the basic research of the project to conduct the tendering procedure.

B-Compliance with the standard:

Standards review not only applies to the design principles of machinery and equipment, but also contributes to feasibility decisions. So far, many projects that are even formally put forward by tender from large industrial companies have not been recognized by this standard company and have been prevented from costing too much. Therefore, mastering the standards along with knowledge and experience will provide extraordinary assistance to the fundamental decisions of the projects, and Mehterak Steel will not hesitate to cooperate and consult in this regard.

2. Technology development, designing and manufacturing of equipment and machinery

By using the good executive capability of the company, the company has provided various machines to the industry, examples of which are visible in the products section. Machine building can be a place for art and creativity before being an industry. It is creativity and art and love to perfection, which sometimes leads to the creation of works that sometimes rises against the same examples of mountains.

What is important in Mehterak Steel Co. is to design and manufacture products that are as efficient and efficient as possible. Depending on the location of the application, parameters such as the applicability of the device, easy maintenance and maintenance, availability of parts and equipment, in accordance with the standard, etc., should be considered in the development of technology, design and manufacture of equipment and machinery.

3. Conduct knowledge-based research projects

Mehterak Steel Co. has been able to carry out many projects based on knowledge. Performing knowledge-based research leads to a comprehensive approach and, while enhancing the capacity for research-driven design, makes the work of the team more effective. Examples of these projects are in the projects section.

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