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تحقیقات دانش بنیان

Knowledge Based Research

What is knowledge base research?

Knowledge-based research is what can turn a country into a giant of technology.

Knowledge-based research is what technological superpowers use.

In the base of knowledge-based research, the analysis of issues is fundamentally and routine, and this in many cases brings new successes and discoveries that we have not even been looking for.

In accordance with the Code of Conduct for the Identification of Companies and Knowledge Based Organizations, knowledge-based companies are private or cooperative institutions that promote knowledge-based economic development and the realization of scientific and economic goals in the development of innovation and, ultimately, the development of knowledge and wealth. Commercialization of the research and development results (including the design and production of goods and services) in the field of high technology and high value added (especially in the production of related software).

According to the approved regulations, knowledge-based companies, such as goals of the faculty of universities and research units for more activities in meeting the needs of the community and the possibility of increasing the income of faculty members, commercializing research findings, increasing the incomes of universities and units Research is a general topic of basic knowledge activity.

The question now is why, in some countries, it results in the foundation of knowledge and why in our country, as such, this topic has not been centralized.

The two main reasons for this are structural deficiencies in government institutions and the lack of knowledge generating people.

In order to address structural deficiencies, the constructive reform of the productive people, which is the engine of knowledge-based activities, should be used in structural reform, which is definitely necessary for creative vigor and change morale and courage, and top-level managers of the community should have a good support from the entrepreneur development team so that the team They can be required to enforce laws and regulations in the law. But the problem here is that no entrepreneur captures the rules of the dry conditions and certifications of the ineffectiveness of the authorities, and, instead of his time, he is autonomous, in order to resolve this problem, a compassion and sympathy filter should be used.

To this end, we conclude that one of the essential elements of the national movement in the knowledge of knowledge is the existence of self-conscious and compassionate individuals who have overcome the public interest over their own interests without having to engage in entrepreneurship at the national level. Of course, the problem does not end there, and with such people we will not be able to find a solution, because the necessity for the state to require the existence of a state, not the needy, is necessary for the realization of the activities of knowledge based on the macro and national levels. Accordingly, in cases where the availability of national resources is unnecessary, there is no longer a sense of need for a productive economy and knowledge-based movements, and all things are slogans and, ultimately, ends with financial support. And since usually entrepreneurs are looking for high value added activities, they tend to live in a country that values ​​copyrighted value.

Ultimately, in order to achieve a productive economy and knowledge base, entrepreneurs and makers of knowledge-based activities are the engines of the transformation of government structures and regulations, and this will not be possible until the state needs the nation and the conditions are changed in such way as the educated generations of emigration Do not prefer alienation. Of course, this preference is not a decent job, and the artist is not ready to enjoy.

Finally, we should not expect a different result as long as Einstein does not move in a different way.

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