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نمونه گیرهای صنعتی

Industrial samplers

Industrial automatic samplers have a significant economic justification for the purpose of quality control of manufactured products, in order to improve the quality of production and increase productivity. Due to the necessity of accurate and timely sampling in the industries, their use will be very economical.

Industrial Mineral Samplers:

Industrial samplers are subject to different standards depending on the type of material. For example, sampling standards for coke and coal have a lot to do with sampling standards for iron ore and other minerals.

Here are the standards for sampling iron ore and sponge iron:

1. Conveyor belt closure:

In the material transfer lines, the best proposed point is in accordance with the standard for the location of material leakage from the edge of the barrel. In this case, the basic condition of the sampling, namely that each particle has an equal chance to be selected, has been fully met.

The following photo is a sample of material flow that was produced by Mehrtak Steel Company in Mobarakeh Steel Complex in 2011.

2-sampling of the conveyor section:

This method is not accurate and, in addition to the dangers created for the tape, it is dangerous to sample the material with the brush, and it is dangerous for substances that can spark ignition sponge iron. Sampling method for sponge iron and iron ore From 2017, this style of sampling does not allow for the above mentioned materials.

Refer to the download section for downloading various sampling articles.

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